Our goal is to allow our patients to live active and productive lives. Whether your goals are to be back at work, active in athletics, or to simply be mobile and independent, we want to provide a device that not only suits your lifestyle, but is a natural extension of your body. Our practitioners are certified in the most technologically advanced components and materials. Our commitment to you is to utilize our skill and experience to fit you with a prosthetic device that is the most appropriate for your amputation and lifestyle.

All of our lower and upper extremity prosthetics are custom fabricated in our facility. We guarantee you satisfaction with regards to the fit and function of every device we deliver.

Common Prosthetic Devices

  • Stump Shrinkers
  • Post op prosthesis
  • Symes and partial foot
  • Trans tibial (BK)
    • Energy Storing feet
    • Sport specific devices
  • Trans Femoral (AK)
    • Microprocessor knee units
  • Hip disarticulation
  • Upper Extremity
  • Cosmetic custom silicone restoration

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